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With over 30 years in the food service industry, we’ve built amazing relationships, expertise, and tips and tricks - and we want to share that with you.

We’re uncovering the secrets of our specialised services with some of our key customers, celebrating the tried-and-true techniques of some of the greatest chefs in the industry, and shedding some light on the up-and-coming creative talent we’re lucky to work with.

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Haverick Meats Queensland Sales Account Manager

Introducing Our QLD Sales Account Manager

We’re excited to announce our new Queensland Sales Account Manager, Mark Bashinksky. Based in Brisbane, Mark is bringing Haverick Meats’ premium range to the Sunshine State. Together, we will be introducing our exclusive suppliers including 2GR Wagyu, Heritage Wagyu and Margra Lamb, as well as our in-house Dry Age Beef and Artisan Charcuterie offering. Mark …

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Byron Bay Restaurants

The Byron Bay Migration

With Australians renowned for their wanderlust spirit, it seems COVID-19 isn’t going to stand in the way. Holidaymakers are moving about the country to explore what the motherland has to offer. With overseas travel bans and state border restriction uncertainty, tourists are looking to explore within their own states and territories. Here in NSW, Sydneysiders …

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Introducing Our French Style Salumi

Over the past 12 months, we’ve been focusing our attention on the age-old French tradition of Charcuterie. Our in-house charcutier, Romeo Baudouin brought his speciality expertise to our Cook & Sons team early last year and we’ve since launched several charcuterie products inclusive of terrines, parfaits, pates, rillettes, and black pudding. Romeo is well known …

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Melbourne’s Newest Culinary Venture, Society

The much-anticipated culinary venture from Chris Lucas, Martin Benn and Vicki Wild has been announced! Society is set to open its doors in late March at 80 Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD. It’s been three years since restauranteur, Chris Lucas of Chin Chin, Hawker Hall and Kisume fame poached Sepia’s Vicki Wild and Martin …

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Australian White Sheep - Margra Lamb

Introducing Australia’s Finest Lamb, Margra Lamb

Introducing Australia’s finest lamb, Margra Lamb. The result of two brothers and a labour of love, together they have bred a quality of lamb seen only in Wagyu. With a micro-marbled finish and low fat melting point of 28-35 degrees, Margra is an unprecedented delicate lamb meat that is as much a joy to cook …

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Restaurant Restrictions Ease in NSW

The Hospitality Industry Continues To Return To Normal

After a tough year, we’re thrilled to see normality continue to return to the hospitality industry. With the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian sharing further progress to loosen hospitality restrictions on Wednesday, all hospitality venues can now allow one person per 2sqm as opposed to the previous restriction of one person per 4sqm. While these loosened …

The Hospitality Industry Continues To Return To Normal Read More »

Rare Breed Black Berkshire Ham

Providing Our Food Service Partners During The Festive Season

We’re feeling the festive spirit at Haverick Meats. With December upon us, Christmas meats have filled our cold rooms in anticipation for this year’s festive inspired menus. Offering a premium selection of turkey and ham, our culinary team also prepare house made accompaniments including sauces, glazes and stuffings to help lighten the load for our …

Providing Our Food Service Partners During The Festive Season Read More »

Dinner Table Setting

To Our Partners In The Food Service Industry

As the global pandemic continues to take its toll on the Australian economy, we are well aware of the significant impact this has had on the hospitality industry and our food service partners. As we know, the hospitality industry operates differently to most others. With small margins and cash flow concerns, restauranteurs, publicans and hoteliers …

To Our Partners In The Food Service Industry Read More »

The Australian Beef Industry Continues To Suffer

Due to the global pandemic, the Australian Beef industry suffers with herd restocking greatly impacted. The global beef industry has experienced a series of tumultuous events over the last two years, from the recent outbreak of COVID-19 to the spread of African Swine Fever across Asia. Also, Australia’s market has been significantly worsened by severe …

The Australian Beef Industry Continues To Suffer Read More »

Westholme Wagyu Beef Rib Eye

Introducing Westholme Wagyu

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Westholme as the exclusive distributor for their premium Wagyu beef in Sydney. Owned by Australian Agricultural Company, the beef is proudly 100% Australian. The business has evolved over almost 200 years across 20 of the country’s most iconic studs spread across Northern Australia – Queensland and …

Introducing Westholme Wagyu Read More »

Australian Black Truffle

A Seasonal Focus On Truffle

It’s the season for the most rare and decadent ingredient in the culinary scene. Running from June to September, like most things that are highly coveted, Australian Black Truffles come with a price tag. Often referred to as “black diamonds”, they’re retailing for $3,000/kilogram and have been labelled the most expensive ingredient in the world. …

A Seasonal Focus On Truffle Read More »

Peter Doyle 2GR Full Blood Wagyu Beef Decadence Dinner

Further Innovations to the Haverick Meats Offering

As things continue to change this year, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to not only adapt our offering, but to realise some things we’ve had in the works for a while now. This year has seen us expand our retail offering, as the hospitality industry has been forced to essentially shut down for …

Further Innovations to the Haverick Meats Offering Read More »

Home Delivered Grass Fed Beef

Haverick Meats Is Now Delivering to Your Door

Introducing our brand-new home delivery service, Haverick Meats to You. Browse our range of products online, order from any device, anywhere, and we’ll deliver our fresh, restaurant-quality meats straight to your door. Adapting to Changing Consumer Needs In the sales and service industry, we’ve always been called to be quick to adapt as new technology …

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Welcoming Romeo Baudouin to the Cook & Sons Team

We say it often, because it’s true; at Haverick Meats, we’re always looking for new ways to innovate and come up with exciting, interesting products so we can continue to offer our industry customers the best of the best. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce the newest member of the Haverick Meats team, Romeo …

Welcoming Romeo Baudouin to the Cook & Sons Team Read More »

New Hope for Late-Night Hospitality in Sydney

It’s an all too common storyline lately, we’re not even surprised to hear of another favourite or even another hatted, Sydney venue closing down. While a variety of factors are contributing to the trend (everything from diners that feel ‘easily bored’ to the rapid spread of delivery services), the Sydney lock out laws have definitely …

New Hope for Late-Night Hospitality in Sydney Read More »

The High Cost of Australia’s Changing Weather Patterns

In the food service industry, we’re no strangers to fluctuating produce prices, particularly in a country known to suffer harsh weather patterns; it’s all part of the job. However, we’ve had a rougher-than-average couple of years and reports from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) suggest it will only get …

The High Cost of Australia’s Changing Weather Patterns Read More »

Grain-Fed, Grass-Fed, and Organic Meats

In the food industry, there always seems to be a new study or fact to consider; that food made one way or raised another is better for your or better in flavour. One of these such debates falls around the difference between grain-fed and grass-fed meat. As the agriculture industry develops and innovates, things will …

Grain-Fed, Grass-Fed, and Organic Meats Read More »

A Brief history of Pastrami - Blog header image

A Brief History of Pastrami

The smell of black pepper and rich, salty brined deli slices conjures images of New York City afternoons, where the best Jewish delis have lines out the door. Most who have a vested interest in this cured cut will know it originated in amongst the Ottoman Turks, who used to dry and salt-cure meat as …

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Gregory Llewellyn Joins Haverick Meats

“One of the struggles I had with Hartsyard was that I always had more ideas than places to put them,” says Gregory Llewellyn, the newest member of the Haverick Meats family. Most already know and love Gregory for his work at Inner West hatted-restaurant, Hartsyard, and sister venue, Wish Bone. He’s a well-respected chef and …

Gregory Llewellyn Joins Haverick Meats Read More »


Introducing 2GR Full Blood Wagyu

Introducing 2GR Full Blood Wagyu, Exclusively at Haverick Meats Often classified as the best and most expensive beef in the world, Wagyu Beef is famous for its flavour, quality, and for the intensive intramuscular fat content, giving it the highest marble scores. After having the pleasure of travelling to Dubai to taste test the exceptional …

Introducing 2GR Full Blood Wagyu Read More »

Rethinking a Pub Classic

It’s no secret that here in Australia, we’re well and truly in the midst of an ever-evolving food renaissance. In fact, our connection to the food we eat and the creative input of our chefs is becoming one of the cornerstones of Australian culture. While back in the times of traditional cheap as chips pub …

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Changing the ‘Game’ in Australian Dining

It was just over three years ago when Brendan Sheldrick decided to throw in the towel on his career and head for greener pastures, quite literally. He and partner Leanne gave up their cushy jobs in Melbourne and took the plunge, moving to Northern Victoria to work as farm hands on a buffalo dairy. After …

Changing the ‘Game’ in Australian Dining Read More »


Christmas Meats

The countdown to Christmas has begun. We take great care in acquiring some of the best quality hams and turkeys in Australia. In this article, we take a look at Rare Breed Black Berkshire Ham and Almond Grove Free-Range Turkeys.

Creative Cuts & Butchery Techniques

We’re always hunting for innovative way to present different cuts on the plate. Our master butchers have created new and tasty ways of preparing and presenting on of the best slow-cooked meats you can use out of a carcass.

Burgers Made Better. Automation doesn’t mean cutting corners.

Automation doesn’t mean cutting corners. We’re working to make the best burger patties in the country, completely customised and delivered fresh.

A Tale of Two Grills. To charcoal, or not to charcoal?

We all know finding the right equipment for cooking your steak is just as important as choosing the right cut in the first place, so investing properly in the right grill or oven rather than cutting corners will pay off hugely in both time and flavour.

Celebrating the World through Food

Appreciating the nuances in another culture’s traditions, the sometimes-unorthodox pairings, the native ingredients, can exponentially increase your enjoyment of a new city. Food has become one of the reasons we travel, one of the many components we recall when recounting details from our travels. For a chef, it can even mean the inspiration to launch something new back home. We dove into the kitchens of two of Sydney’s up-and-coming chefs to uncover the journey to their current menu.

The New Normal: Immersive Restaurant Experiences

In the Australian hospitality scene, having a clear, succinct concept for your restaurant is key. These days people are no longer satisfied with a jack-of-all trades approach; diners want masters of craft behind the stainless-steel pass of the open-plan kitchens.

Dry-Aged Meat, Explained

In the early parts of the 20th century, dry-aging was the norm. You’ve seen countless images of beef carcasses hanging around the edges of market stalls. Of course, as time went on, the production of dry-aged beef became more sanitary, and up until the 1970s it was the standard for aging meat. However, the introduction of …

Dry-Aged Meat, Explained Read More »

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