In 1963, John Andrews launched his small family-run butchery in Paddington, NSW, which would eventually become Haverick Meats. Since, Haverick Meats has grown into one of Australia’s most well-established, innovative butcheries, supplying some of the most highly acclaimed venues in the country, all with the care and consideration of a business run by the Andrews family.

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For decades, Haverick Meats has had innovation at the forefront of operations, running one of Australia’s most technologically advanced master butcheries and export-approved meatpacking facilities. Rebuilt in 2017, the multi-million-dollar improvement includes the most advanced meat-cutting and value-added technology, providing consistency while ensuring inventory is on hand to supply restaurants and foodservice partners daily, both locally and internationally. Haverick Meats exists as one of the few Australian butcheries registered to export globally.

We take pride in our support of the next generation of chefs in the ever-growing landscape and strive to keep across the latest technologies and developments across the board. Further, we’re committed to providing in-house chefs to train our customers in using the latest in cooking technology and equipment.

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