Haverick Meats


Haverick Meats are committed to operate using the highest industry certifications to comply with any customer specification. To ensure all systems are maintained, mandatory audits are conducted to verify the compliance of each accreditation, allowing us to assess if quality-related processes are implemented effectively and conform to the stipulated requirement. We continue to uphold our product integrity and service capability by endorsing these standards throughout our operation.

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Export Registered

Having constructed the most technologically advanced, purpose built export-approved facility, Haverick Meats are fully incensed by DAFF - Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry as a packer exporter and our international supply arrangements fully comply with all regulatory and industry standards operating in many countries.

We manage a complete Just-In-Time logistics system, integrated with the most advanced cold storage, processing, packaging and labelling systems.



Food Safety is paramount to our operation. We are inspected by AUS-QUAL, a leading certifying agency, whose requirements are in-line with those of the USDA and EU.

We inspect our suppliers’ facilities to ensure wholesome practices on their part and in turn we take the extra steps necessary to provide our food service clients the assurance that we strictly manage a compliant system that safeguards and warrants the products we deliver, maintaining the highest integrity throughout our operations and the supply chain.



AUS-MEAT Accredited

Haverick Meats carry an A+ accreditation from AUS-MEAT Limited. To ensure our quality control systems are maintained, we adhere to processing principles that comply with AUS-MEAT accreditation standards and certification requirements, assuring product quality attributes are of the highest standards.



Haverick Meats are able to process and deliver in accordance with stipulated Halal requirements and are fully accredited for Halal processing.


MSA Licensed

Haverick Meats are licensed by Meat & Livestock Australia to process and supply graded beef  and lamb according to the specifications provided by Meat Standards Australia, also known as MSA. Using independent standards, MSA beef and lamb is guaranteed to be consistently tender, succulent, warranting consumer satisfaction.