Our processing facilities are fully export registered, making us one of the few Australian butcheries equipped to service the international foodservice industry.

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Export Registered

Our technologically advanced, purpose-built facility is export-approved and located in close proximity to Sydney’s International Airport.

Our international supply arrangements and packing processes are fully accredited by DAFF and comply with all regulatory and industry standards across a variety of international destinations. All products are delivered with required documentation and in specified conditions.

Products On Time, Every Time

Thanks to our Just-In-Time logistics system, integrated with the most advanced packaging and labelling systems, we’re able to efficiently supply high volumes of portioned products from start to finish.

Across the industry, we’re trusted to provide products on time, every time. Our stock level, buying power and expertise allow us to establish dynamic, country-specific delivery arrangements with each of our clients and our freight-forward specialists mean our products are delivered within guaranteed timelines and in guaranteed condition.

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