As our processing facilities are fully export registered, we are one of very few Australian butcheries well equipped to service the international food service industry.  We manage a Just-In-Time logistics system, integrated with the most advanced packaging and labeling systems, enabling us to efficiently supply high volumes of portioned beef, veal, lamb, pork, poultry, and whole cut product quantities to many countries around the world.


Advanced export approved facility

We have one of the most technologically advanced, purpose built export-approved facilities in Australia, located in close proximity to Sydney's international airport.

We are accredited by DAFF as a packer exporter and our international supply arrangements fully comply with all regulatory and industry standards operating in many countries. 

Our familiarity with packaging and labeling requirements, specific country regulations and restrictions, means we are able to ensure products are delivered with the exact documentation they require and in the exact condition specified.


Products on time, every time

We carefully manage the entire meat supply chain for our export clients so that they don't need to get caught up in the complexities of domestic and international wholesale markets, aging processes and inventory management.

Across the export industry we are trusted to provide products on time every time. Our stock level, buying power and expertise allow us to establish dynamic country-specific delivery arrangements with each of our clients. 

For many years Haverick Meats and our International clients have enjoyed the reliability of our freight-forwarding specialists. In both air and sea freight this affiliation means that our products are delivered within guaranteed timeframes and equally important, guaranteed condition.


Contact our export department

In addition to our international freight arrangements we also offer clients the assurance that all statutory and required paperwork is correct. We are fully equipped to comply with varying country regulations, standards and market expectations of a wide range of international destinations.

International enquiries and export purchases can be made via:

Phone: + 61 2 9316 8900

Fax: + 61 2 9316 6034

Email: export@haverickmeats.com.au