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Skills Shortage Hospitality

Like many other industries in Australia, the hospitality industry continues to face a nationwide skills shortage. The closure of international borders in 2020 saw many temporary visa holders leave the country – a cohort that makes up a significant portion of the hospitality workforce. Despite international borders reopening in February, as well as last week’s Jobs and Skills Summit announcing a migration cap lift to 195,00, the shortage continues to be one of the worst the industry has seen.

While dining demand remains strong, staff shortages continue to effect trading. Whether it be limiting the number of bookings available or cutting down opening hours altogether, finding skilled workers is proving to be one of the biggest challenges facing the hospitality industry.

During this time, Haverick Meats are here to provide additional support to our foodservice partners. We understand that restaurants don’t want to compromise on the level of service and so we’re continuing to work on solutions to maintain quality in the kitchen. Our Cook & Sons team have been focusing their attention on providing end-to-end solutions for the hospitality industry. With our team consisting of highly skilled chefs, butchers and charcutiers, we’re continually working on new and innovative pre-prepared product to expand our offering. With the ability to tailor make value added product on request, Cook & Sons work alongside chefs and restaurateurs to create seamless solutions. Whether it be seasoned, smoked, marinated, crumbed, flattened, pickled, trussed, or cooked, we’re here to take the prep time out of the kitchen.

For all enquiries, please contact your wholesale manager or the relevant region below.

02 9316 8900

07 2103 3119


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