It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Rare Breed Berkshire Ham

We’re feeling the Christmas spirit at Haverick Meats. With December nearly upon us, festive meats have filled our cold rooms in anticipation for this year’s menus. Offering a premium selection of turkey, ham, pork and beef, our in-house culinary team also prepare accompaniments including sauces, glazes and stuffings to help lighten the load for our chefs as they cater to the Christmas rush. Whether it’s large events, small functions, daily specials or staff gifts, we’re at your service this Christmas season.

We take great care in hand selecting the best quality festive meats in the country to provide our foodservice partners with premium product during the most indulgent season. Namely our Rare Breed Berkshire Ham, Premium Turkeys and Grasslands Beef.

Rare Breed Berkshire Ham

Sourced from the Byron Bay hinterland in Northern NSW, Black Berkshire Pigs are raised in a temperate climate for healthy development and growth. This paired with a specialised diet and comfortable, stress-free surrounds makes for premium quality ham. Often referred to as the Kobe Beef of the pork world, Black Berkshire Ham is renowned for its premium eating quality. With intense marbling, the high fat content works to keep the meat moist during the cooking process to produce juicy, tender results.

At Haverick Meats, we smoke and cure our Black Berkshire Pigs in-house. Ranging from 8-9kg for a bone-in leg to 5-6kg for a boneless leg, we also offer a 4-5kg bone in half leg.

Premium Turkey

Sourced from seasonally selected producers across New South Wales, the region’s relatively cool climate aids in creating a uniquely moist and tender turkey. To ensure only the most premium, we place great emphasis on hand selecting each bird.

With a Whole Turkey weighing between 5-6kg, we also offer a Turkey Buffet which weighs between 4-5kg. To take the prep time out of the kitchen, our in-house culinary team are also able to roll, tie and stuff Turkey Breast Fillets per your request.

Grasslands Beef

Grasslands cattle are raised just as nature intended it. 100% grass fed, the cattle roam and graze across lush landscapes in a stress-free environment. Embracing natural practices, they’re proudly 100% hormone and antibiotic free. It’s this existence that gives Grasslands Beef its full flavour and tender texture.

Continuing to provide seamless solutions, our in-house culinary team are pre-preparing our eye fillet centre cut. Hand tied and marinated in fresh rosemary, garlic and extra virgin olive oil, it’s ready to roast.

For all Christmas wholesale enquiries, please contact your Wholesale Manager.

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