With over 30 years in the food service industry, we’ve built amazing relationships, expertise, and tips and tricks - and we want to share that with you.

We’re uncovering the secrets of our specialised services with some of our key customers, celebrating the tried-and-true techniques of some of the greatest chefs in the industry, and shedding some light on the up-and-coming creative talent we’re lucky to work with.


Introducing Our Cevapcici

Introducing the latest addition to our offering, Cevapcici. Commonly known in Australia as Chevaps, it’s a traditional homemade sausage from the Balkans area. Derived from the word kebab, the street food is considered the national dish in Bosnia, Herzegovina, Romania, and Serbia. Paying homage to Balkan tradition, each Cevapcici is handmade in-house by our Cook […]
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SCOT of the South Black Angus Beef

Introducing SCOT Of The South

Introducing SCOT of the South. Exclusive to Haverick Meats, the 100% Australian Black Angus Beef is the most recent addition to our premium offering. Honouring heritage and tradition, SCOT of the South crafts its Black Angus Beef in line with their Scottish origin. Raised on the lush landscapes of the Darling Downs and Liverpool Plains […]
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Introducing Our French Style Salumi

Over the past 12 months, we’ve been focusing our attention on the age-old French tradition of Charcuterie. Our in-house charcutier, Romeo Baudouin brought his speciality expertise to our Cook & Sons team early last year and we’ve since launched several charcuterie products inclusive of terrines, parfaits, pates, rillettes, and black pudding. Romeo is well known […]
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Australian White Sheep - Margra Lamb

Introducing Australia’s Finest Lamb, Margra Lamb

Introducing Australia’s finest lamb, Margra Lamb. The result of two brothers and a labour of love, together they have bred a quality of lamb seen only in Wagyu. With a micro-marbled finish and low fat melting point of 28-35 degrees, Margra is an unprecedented delicate lamb meat that is as much a joy to cook […]
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Westholme Wagyu Beef Rib Eye

Introducing Westholme Wagyu

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Westholme as the exclusive distributor for their premium Wagyu beef in Sydney. Owned by Australian Agricultural Company, the beef is proudly 100% Australian. The business has evolved over almost 200 years across 20 of the country’s most iconic studs spread across Northern Australia – Queensland and […]
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Peter Doyle 2GR Full Blood Wagyu Beef Decadence Dinner

Further Innovations to the Haverick Meats Offering

As things continue to change this year, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to not only adapt our offering, but to realise some things we’ve had in the works for a while now. This year has seen us expand our retail offering, as the hospitality industry has been forced to essentially shut down for […]
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Welcoming Romeo Baudouin to the Cook & Sons Team

We say it often, because it’s true; at Haverick Meats, we’re always looking for new ways to innovate and come up with exciting, interesting products so we can continue to offer our industry customers the best of the best. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce the newest member of the Haverick Meats team, Romeo […]
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A Brief history of Pastrami - Blog header image

A Brief History of Pastrami

The smell of black pepper and rich, salty brined deli slices conjures images of New York City afternoons, where the best Jewish delis have lines out the door. Most who have a vested interest in this cured cut will know it originated in amongst the Ottoman Turks, who used to dry and salt-cure meat as […]
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Introducing 2GR Full Blood Wagyu

Introducing 2GR Full Blood Wagyu, Exclusively at Haverick Meats Often classified as the best and most expensive beef in the world, Wagyu Beef is famous for its flavour, quality, and for the intensive intramuscular fat content, giving it the highest marble scores. After having the pleasure of travelling to Dubai to taste test the exceptional […]
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Rethinking a Pub Classic

It’s no secret that here in Australia, we’re well and truly in the midst of an ever-evolving food renaissance. In fact, our connection to the food we eat and the creative input of our chefs is becoming one of the cornerstones of Australian culture. While back in the times of traditional cheap as chips pub […]
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Changing the ‘Game’ in Australian Dining

It was just over three years ago when Brendan Sheldrick decided to throw in the towel on his career and head for greener pastures, quite literally. He and partner Leanne gave up their cushy jobs in Melbourne and took the plunge, moving to Northern Victoria to work as farm hands on a buffalo dairy. After […]
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