Introducing 2GR Full Blood Wagyu


Introducing 2GR Full Blood Wagyu, Exclusively at Haverick Meats

Often classified as the best and most expensive beef in the world, Wagyu Beef is famous for its flavour, quality, and for the intensive intramuscular fat content, giving it the highest marble scores.

After having the pleasure of travelling to Dubai to taste test the exceptional 2GR Full Blood Wagyu at Nus_ret, the namesake restaurant owned by Nusret Gökçe, famously known as Salt Bae, the Haverick Team, John and Peter Andrews, were inspired to partner with 2GR and bring this product exclusively to Haverick Meats. This is the beef of choice for Nusret in all of his Middle Eastern restaurants.


As with any of our products, equipment, and processes, we’re constantly striving to provide the best, most innovative, new offers. And as of early next month, we’ll be exclusively stocking this brand new premium Wagyu product, 2GR Full Blood Wagyu.

The 2GR Wagyu stock are produced in the Eastern region of Australia, mostly around Mudgee and the Central West Slopes regions of NSW.

Raised under the watchful eye of the Rinehart family, possessing generations of Australian heritage and an understanding of the Australian landscape, these animals are carefully cared for, bred and reared with the entire production process completely owned and operated within the family.

As with the Japanese tradition, production is limited to manage quality and prestige, with numbers kept until 10,000 roaming over 39,000 acres of land over plentiful hills for grazing. The 2GR herds are raised completely naturally and hormone-free, and over 85% of the cattle produced are scored at over 9+ marble score.

One of the largest full blood breeding programs outside of Japan, the 2GR program also has expansive breeding properties in Southern Queensland accommodating another 10,000 head of purebred and full blood cattle.


Taking into account the importance of provenance, the 2GR program ensures to tag their calves from a young age, and can trace the pedigrees of their herds all the way back to their Japanese ancestors.

The common knowledge is that the breed originated in Japan, and the pure bloodlines were fiercely regulated, keeping the beef in its highly coveted position as the most decadent in flavour and the highest quality. In fact, in Japan, it’s so premium that it’s often only eaten on special occasions or given as a gift.

In Australia, the first Wagyu animals were introduced in the mid-1990s and, as we tend to take to any worthy international food, we’ve run with it.

Today, you’ll find Wagyu options on menus all over Australia, offering a higher quality option for the more discerning palate. Of course, like any product, Australian-raised Wagyu will have a slightly different flavour than that raised in Japan due solely to the difference in the environment, both where they live and where their food grows.

However, Australian-raised Wagyu still has pure Wagyu bloodlines and is classified by its high fat content and intramuscular marbling. Often characterised as ‘melt-in-your-mouth’, the fat of Wagyu beef has a low melting point, meaning when cooked, it literally begins to melt, resulting a buttery, rich flavour and silky texture.

We’re proud to be able to support the passion for Australian land that is so apparent within the Rinehart family and their paddocks and to offer their quality product to our customers.

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