Rethinking a Pub Classic


It’s no secret that here in Australia, we’re well and truly in the midst of an ever-evolving food renaissance. In fact, our connection to the food we eat and the creative input of our chefs is becoming one of the cornerstones of Australian culture.

While back in the times of traditional cheap as chips pub meals, your standard schnitzels and steaks were likely to be frozen and flash-fried, now, they’re getting a new lease on life, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

A Brief History of Schnitzel

The story goes, the humble schnitzel dates back to 1845 were it was traditionally a veal steak, breaded and fried and known as the Wiener Schnitzel in its home country of Austria. Today, heading down to the local pub for a weekly schnitty (traditionally chicken) is nearly a right of passage here in Australia.


For years, we’ve accepted the schnitzel as it comes, bits of chicken pieced together with a mixture of bread crumbs and butter and often not much else. While some things are better left untampered with, this is not one of them.

There’s no reason to believe that we can’t improve a classic. In fact, we’re not afraid to say, we urge the chicken schnitzels we were raised on to become a thing of the past. And we’re not alone, with a long list of chefs taking go-to meals that could be classified as retro and wrapping the nostalgia into a package perfect for today’s adventurous, gourmet palate.

Upping the Ante on a Classic

Innovation is as inherent to the Haverick Meats way as the quality of the produce we source, and we wanted to be at the forefront of the schnitzel’s evolution to gourmet.

First and foremost, the quality of the finished product is only as good as the produce sourced, no amount of secret recipe herbs and spices can mask a less-than-average cut of meat. As with all of our products, we carefully source the freshest, most natural poultry, pork, veal and lamb for our schnitzels and cutlets, directly from renowned Australian producers.


While that’s nothing new for our processes, what is new is the introduction of our high-quality crumbing line.

“We weren’t happy with the consistency in quality of the products we were experiencing or purchasing,” explains Peter Andrews, “and if vendors weren’t willing to change their systems, we were going to introduce a new, higher-quality one.

With this, we’re able to monitor the production process of the schnitzels we provide from start to finish, literally from farm to plate, although we’re not much for buzzwords. This eliminates inconsistencies and ensures we’re only offering the best to our customers, who are always seeking better, more innovative products and we strive to deliver on that feedback every day.

Of course, the perfect schnitzel wouldn’t be perfect without a carefully crafted secret mix of herbs and spices. We won’t give away all of the secrets of our in-house chef, but we’re proud to say we use high-quality whipped butter, parsley, and a selection of other herbs and spices.


A Unique New Range

With an ever-increasing interest in new products and innovation, there’s no reason we need to wipe our old favourites off the menu boards.

Not only will we produce a unique range of veal and pork schnitzels, pork schnitzel and crumbed pork, veal and lamb cutlets and more, we’re also offering an update to a real retro dish, the chicken kiev. Ours will come crumbed in our signature mixture and infused with garlic-butter, herbs and spices.

Get ready to give your bistro and pub menus the update they deserve.

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