Further Innovations to the Haverick Meats Offering

Peter Doyle 2GR Full Blood Wagyu Beef Decadence Dinner

As things continue to change this year, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to not only adapt our offering, but to realise some things we’ve had in the works for a while now.

This year has seen us expand our retail offering, as the hospitality industry has been forced to essentially shut down for a while. This has meant we’ve been able to offer more of our products to the general public, as well as allowed us to partner with some of our key customers and top chefs to bring new, exciting offers into homes.

Gregory Llewellyn is back, re-joining Romeo Baudouin in the kitchen

We’re excited to say that Gregory Llewellyn is back in the Haverick Meats kitchen, alongside Romeo Baudouin, to continue fine tuning our in-house Cook & Sons offering. After spending the first part of the year consulting from afar, Gregory has returned to continue his work developing our in-house range with particular focus on smoked meats. His work will fit nicely alongside that of Romeo Baudouin, our Head Charcutier, to continue to grow and develop our charcuterie range. Romeo’s extensive experience working throughout France, the UK and Australia developing his skills both on traditional production methods and creating his own innovative approach.

With these two top chefs teaming up in our kitchen, you can rest assured that the range of products we’ll be able to offer will be ever evolving and exceptional.

Gregory Llewellyn Romeo Baudouin Partnership

Introducing the Haverick Meats Chef Series

As part of our initiative to increase our retail offering to the general public, we’ve partnered with some of our leading chef partners to create a series of inspiring pre-cooked meals, which we’re offering to our retail community through our home delivery service.

This exciting addition takes some of the industries favourite chefs and has them crafting winter meals using some of our choice cuts of meat. With this opportunity, we not only saw a way to support our industry during a time of struggle, but a way to keep our favourite chefs creating in the kitchen, as well as bringing the signature dishes, flavours and techniques we’ve grown to love, straight to your kitchens.

Haverick Meats Chef Series Mitch Orr Veal Osso Bucco Spaghetti

Recapping our 2GR Decadence Dinner

Back in March, before things changed so rapidly, we hosted a beautiful evening showcasing our exclusive 2GR Full Blood Wagyu. In honour of the fantastic cut, Chef Peter Doyle rolled up his sleeves and put together an amazing menu bringing a range of different cuts to life in simply prepared, beautiful dishes that truly showcase the rich flavour of this range which boasts a marble score of 9+.

The 2GR Decadence Dinner was held at a secret location in Sydney, and attended by some of the industry’s top chefs, restaurateurs and providers. We look forward to hosting another soon in due time.

Stay tuned to see more on our Chef Series and what we have coming up later in the year.

2GR Full Blood Wagyu Decadence Dinner

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