Introducing Our Cevapcici


Introducing the latest addition to our offering, Cevapcici. Commonly known in Australia as Chevaps, it’s a traditional homemade sausage from the Balkans area. Derived from the word kebab, the street food is considered the national dish in Bosnia, Herzegovina, Romania, and Serbia.

Paying homage to Balkan tradition, each Cevapcici is handmade in-house by our Cook & Sons team over a 24-hour period. A mixture of premium ground lamb, pork and beef, fresh garlic and paprika, the critical ingredient is baking soda. The leavener gives the Cevapcici its unique light, soft texture. Rested for up to 12 hours, our team then individually roll and shape each Cevapcici. Often served with flat bread and complimented with a capsicum and eggplant relish, it’s ideal for share menus.

Continuing to focus our attention on new and innovative pre-prepared product for our foodservice partners, we’re here to take the prep time out of the kitchen.

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