Introducing Australia’s Finest Lamb, Margra Lamb

Australian White Sheep - Margra Lamb

Introducing Australia’s finest lamb, Margra Lamb. The result of two brothers and a labour of love, together they have bred a quality of lamb seen only in Wagyu. With a micro-marbled finish and low fat melting point of 28-35 degrees, Margra is an unprecedented delicate lamb meat that is as much a joy to cook as it is a pleasure to eat. Exclusive to Haverick Meats, we’re excited to launch this premium product to our food service partners.

From Vision To Fruition
Margra Lamb started as two brothers with one vision. Hailing for the lush fields of Oberon in New South Wales, Martin and Graham Gilmore set out on a journey to breed a fully haired meat sheep intended for Australian conditions. Alongside their sons, through years of careful breeding using the latest technology and techniques they succeeded in their venture to develop a unique breed of lamb now certified as the ‘Australian White’. Following the certification, the family worked under the advice of Associate Professor in Animal Genetics and Nutrition at James Cook University, Aduli Malau-Aduli to identify which genetic lines provided exceptional eating quality. This has resulted in only the finest Tattykeel Australian White Sheep being selected for Margra Lamb.

Raised As Nature Intended It
Proudly Australian born and bred, Margra Lamb was pioneered on the Gilmore’s Tattykeel farm in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales. Today, Margra Lamb is raised across a small number of Australian farms. Fully traceable from paddock to plate to control its pedigree and ensure superior quality, great care is taken at each stage of the animal lifecycle. Embracing ethical and natural practices, all Margra Lamb is hormone and antibiotic free. Raised in green pastures with ample access to clean drinking water and shade ensures zero exposure to feedlots.

A Lamb Bred For Chefs
It’s the combination of micro marbling, low-fat melting point, fine texture, mild aroma, as well as its additional health benefits that make Margra Lamb a meat like no other. Whether grilled, glazed or served carpaccio, Margra Lamb gives chefs the ultimate flexibility due to its delicate flavour and succulence.

With a very fine degree of marbling, it’s different to the marbling found in most beef which is more globular in nature. Margra Lamb’s marbling is incredibly fine and dispersed throughout the whole cut. Due to its low fat melting point, the visible marbling can disappear at room temperature as it become more oil-like in substance. When cooked, it is being compared to the best Japanese Wagyu.

Low Fat Melting Point
The intramuscular fat in Margra Lamb melts between 28-35 degrees, which is significantly lower than other lamb.

Fine Texture
It’s touted for its soft feel on the palate, which is also a contributing factor to its tenderness.

Mild Aroma
Margra Lamb has a mild and pleasant aroma that sets it aside from lamb counterparts.

Health Benefits
It has been proven that Margra Lamb has significantly higher health benefits that other red meats, namely, high levels of EPA and DHA Omega 3 Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids. In line with Margra Lamb’s ethos, this occurs naturally without the need to feed the sheep supplements to artificially boost these levels.

Haverick Meats will be wholesaling the following Margra Lamb cuts: Bone in Shoulder Oyster Shank Off, Boneless Neck Fillet, Neck Bone In Split, Rump Cap On, Forequarter Shank, Bone In Leg Bone, Tomahawk With Rack Cap On, Forequarter Riblet Rack, Loin Saddles Cap On, Breast Flap On and Trim. For all Margra Lamb wholesale enquiries, please contact your Account Manager.

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