The Hospitality Industry Continues To Return To Normal

Restaurant Restrictions Ease in NSW

After a tough year, we’re thrilled to see normality continue to return to the hospitality industry.

With the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian sharing further progress to loosen hospitality restrictions on Wednesday, all hospitality venues can now allow one person per 2sqm as opposed to the previous restriction of one person per 4sqm. While these loosened restrictions were afforded to smaller venues – up to 200sqm in size –  as of December 1, larger venues will now also be able to operate under the same conditions from December 7. With the cap of 50 patrons at one time also dropped as of December 1, this has effectively allowed both our small and large foodservice partners to double their patronage capacity.

The dual announcements of eased social distancing restrictions affected the majority, but most importantly those who work within the hospitality industry. Restaurants and cafes can operate near to full capacity, and a significant portion of the 40,000 NSW hospitality workers who have been out of work for the greater part of the year can now return. This is a huge step forward!

It appears Christmas has indeed come early for our foodservice partners. In remaining positive, the further loosened restrictions as of December 7 will provide a much-needed boost to the hospitality industry. With the festive season underway and Christmas celebrations in full swing, we can expect to see booked out restaurants and cafes operating to near full capacity.

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