Introducing SCOT Of The South

SCOT of the South Black Angus Beef

Introducing SCOT of the South. Exclusive to Haverick Meats, the 100% Australian Black Angus Beef is the most recent addition to our premium offering. Honouring heritage and tradition, SCOT of the South crafts its Black Angus Beef in line with their Scottish origin. Raised on the lush landscapes of the Darling Downs and Liverpool Plains in Eastern Australia, the cattle are 200-day grain finished. The result is a unique, rich taste with a delicate, marbled texture. We will be offering both MB 3+ and MB 5+ grades and are excited to share this premium product with our foodservice partners.

The History
SCOT of the South Black Angus Beef has been inspired by the breed’s Scottish heritage. First dreamt up in the early 1800s by a local farmer, his vision to create superior beef selectively bred for high marbling, exceptional tenderness and flavour came to fruition 16 years later. Introduced to Australia’s cool climate in Tasmania in the 1820s, Aberdeen Angus extended their genetics to other parts of the country developing the premium Black Angus cattle Australia is synonymous with today.

The Process
In honour of this lineage, SCOT carries tradition, whilst evolving the quality and genetics to the breed’s current home in the southern lands of Eastern Australia. The graziers are experts in understanding the nuances of everything that makes Black Angus unique. Beginning with 12 months grazing on lush, open pastures, cattle are then introduced to a purposely tailored ration. Fed in a stress-free environment for a minimum of 200 days, it’s this process that brings out the traditional Angus taste and marbling.

The Superior Eating Quality
Eating quality is at the centre of everything SCOT of the South does. SCOT have combined the traditional eating quality of Black Angus cattle with knowledge, innovation, and technique to deliver superior marbling, tenderness, juiciness, and flavour. Environment also plays a crucial role. Raised in the agricultural heartlands of Australian give the herd every opportunity to thrive. SCOT promises an exceptional eating experience every time.

The Best Practice Animal Welfare
SCOT employ the best practices for animal welfare. Fully traceable from paddock to plate, great care is taken at each stage of the animal lifecycle. From handling and feeding to transport and processing, all production is transparent. Embracing natural practices, all SCOT of the South Angus Beef is proudly 100% hormone and antibiotic free.

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