Westholme Wagyu Beef Rib Eye

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Westholme as the exclusive distributor for their premium Wagyu beef in Sydney.

Owned by Australian Agricultural Company, the beef is proudly 100% Australian. The business has evolved over almost 200 years across 20 of the country’s most iconic studs spread across Northern Australia – Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Westholme Wagyu Stud

Westholme pride themselves on their unique process of raising their cattle. Born wild, they’re raised on the pristine tracts of Mitchell Grass for the first two years and then grain finished on a proprietary blend. Their methodology is that grass fed cattle tend to be leaner and full of flavour, while grain fed cattle create marbling throughout.

It’s the combination of the of grass and grain fed cattle that has birthed the signature Westholme Wagyu. Think rich marbling, complex flavour profile and a uniquely tender texture. Setting it apart from its peers, Westholme Wagyu has created a distinctively Australian eating experience that rivals for the title of the world’s best beef.

Westholme Wagyu Rib Eye

Committed to environmental sustainability and animal welfare standards, Westholme Wagyu is a product Haverick Meats are proud to stand behind.

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