Introducing Our French Style Salumi


Over the past 12 months, we’ve been focusing our attention on the age-old French tradition of Charcuterie. Our in-house charcutier, Romeo Baudouin brought his speciality expertise to our Cook & Sons team early last year and we’ve since launched several charcuterie products inclusive of terrines, parfaits, pates, rillettes, and black pudding. Romeo is well known within the industry for making use of every cut of pork; from the snout to tail, which sees him continuing to push the landscape with unique product. Enter his latest development, French style salumi. Paying homage to French tradition, we’re excited to launch our Saucisson Sec and Basque-Style Chorizo. Both air dried and cured for 12 weeks, that’s where their similarities end.

Saucisson Sec is the most popular salami in France. Differing to a classic Italian salami, it’s cured for longer to further develop the aromas and intensify the flavour. In line with French tradition, our Saucisson Sec is also noticeably speckled with whole black peppercorn.

Basque Style Chorizo hails from the south-western French town. Bordering Spain, it’s influenced by the Spaniards love for peppers, specifically the Espelette Pepper. The Espelette Pepper is a local red pepper that grows in the northern territory of the region. It’s this French pepper that sets it apart from a classic Spanish chorizo.

It’s Romeo’s knowledge and passion for the traditional French craft that continues to allow us to provide speciality charcuterie product to our foodservice partners. French born and raised, Romeo undertook years of training in some of the most prestigious charcuterie schools in the country. Since relocating to Australia over 20 years ago, he has been showcasing his charcuterie across Sydney. Starting out in top restaurants including Restaurant VII, Guillaume at Bennelong, and GPO, he then ventured out on his own. Opening two charcuterie providores; Les Saveurs de Romeo in Ashfield followed by Rome’s Fine Foods in St Peters, he further perfected his craft before joining the team at Haverick Meats.

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