The Future of Wagyu with Westholme Wagyu

The Future of Wagyu

We’re excited to share ‘The Future of Wagyu’. Working alongside AACO’s Westholme, we partnered with two of Sydney’s iconic restaurants to showcase the delicacy of their Wagyu Beef.

Commencing in May, we were delighted to support a private dinner at Firedoor in Surry Hills alongside Owner & Executive Chef, Lennox Hastie. The restaurant was filled with renowned chefs and industry leaders for a four-course menu. Prepared by the fire master himself, Hastie applied his long-time obsession of wood, fire, and smoke to highlight the best of Westholme. Opening the evening with a smoked Wagyu Tongue, it was followed by Hangar steak tartare, vine grilled Rump Cap and concluded with Short Rib cooked on the josper grill.

Later in August, we continued our support for a private lunch at Sydney’s iconic Opera House restaurant, Bennelong. Working alongside Executive Chef, Peter Gilmore, the guest list consisted of the culinary industry’s most prolific players from Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. With a three-course menu designed by Gilmore himself, the lunch heroed Westholme Wagyu’s premium Rump, Ox Tail and Sirloin MB 6-7.

Bred, grown, and nurtured across 15 stations in Queensland and the Northern Territory, Westholme Wagyu is founded on careful breeding, commitment to animal welfare, the pristine Australian environment, and an unending striving for excellence. The cattle are born wild and graze freely for two years before moving into spacious feedlots to be nourished on locally grown grain mix for 330 days. Ensuring the cattle are always calm, relaxed, and healthy, Westholme take an approach to breeding and animal care that is uniquely Australian. It’s this careful calibration that is reflected in Westholme Wagyu’s exquisite quality.

With a deep understanding of the qualities that chefs require to deliver pinnacle dining experiences, Westholme oversee and manage every step of the supply chain to ensure traceable product and unimpeachable quality. The result is an Australian Wagyu that chefs love for its extraordinarily rich flavour, delicate marbling, and consistency.

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