Australia’s Finest Lamb, Margra Lamb

Margra Lamb

We’re proud to be the exclusive supplier of Australia’s finest lamb, Margra Lamb. Born from the passion of two brothers from Tattykeel in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, together they have bred a quality of lamb only seen in Wagyu Beef. With a micro-marbled texture and a low fat melting point of 25-35 degrees, Margra offers an unprecedented lamb meat.

From vision to reality, Margra Lamb began with Martin and Graham Gilmore’s shared vision to breed a fully haired meat sheep intended for Australian conditions. Through years of careful breeding using the latest technology and techniques, as well as partnering with James Cook University, they were able to identify which genetic lines provided exceptional eating quality. This resulted in only the finest Australian White Sheep being selected for Margra Lamb.

Today, Margra Lamb is bred across a small number of Australian farms. Raised as nature intended it, great care is taken at each stage of the animal lifecycle. All Margra Lamb is proudly hormone and antibiotic free and roam lush green pastures with no exposure to feedlots. Fully traceable from paddock to plate, it’s this tight control over the pedigree that ensures consistent and superior quality.

A lamb specifically bred for chefs, it’s the combination of micro marbling and low fat melting point that make Margra a meat like no other. Boasting a fine texture, delicate flavour and superior succulence, it gives chefs the ultimate flexibility. A hero on several of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane’s noteworthy restaurants, Margra Lamb can be experienced at Woodcut, Sixpenny, Longshore, Poly, Kiyomi, Bar Rochford and The Lodge Bar, to name a few.

We continue to wholesale the following Margra Lamb cuts.
• Bone in shoulder oyster shank off
• Boneless neck fillet
• Neck bone in split
• Rump cap on
• Cured Culatello
• Forequarter shank
• Bone in and boneless leg
• Tomahawk with rack cap on
• Forequarter riblet rack
• Loin saddles cap on
• Breast flap on and trim
• Backstrap
• Riblet
• Leg Porchetta Bones & rolled
• Hindquarter shank
• Whole 25kg lamb
Please contact your Account Manager for all Margra Lamb enquiries.

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