As The Hospitality Industry Prepares To Reopen…

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Freedom Day is looming, and alongside our foodservice partners we’re preparing for the hospitality industry to officially reopen after a near 3-month closure.

With the exact date of the city’s reopening a moving target, it’s been a challenge for foodservice to prepare to reopen their doors. Compound uncertainty around a re-open date with a 3-month long shutdown, restaurateurs are required to be ever nimble.

During this time, Haverick Meats are here to provide additional support to our foodservice partners as they get back on their feet. Over the past few months, we’ve been focusing our attention on providing end to end solutions to the hospitality industry in anticipation of doors reopening. Our Cook & Sons team continue to work on new and innovative pre-prepared product in-house to expand our offering. We also tailor make value added product on request, with our team of chefs working alongside chefs and restaurateurs to create seamless solutions. Whether it be custom-made burger patties or 2GR Wagyu in-house smoked pastrami, we’re here to take the prep time out of the kitchen.

Ramping up operations, we’ve reinstated our supply channels. We’re continuing to offer unique and locally sourced premium meat from the likes of 2GR Wagyu, Westholme, Margra Lamb and Wollemi Duck, to name a few. As well as this, we’ve launched several new products exclusively for foodservice. Think Duck Rillette, Margra Lamb Culatello, Dry Aged Squab and 2GR Intercostal Skewers.

For all wholesale enquiries, please contact your Account Manager.

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