Our Response To Increasing Beef Prices


The price of Australian beef continues to rise due to several external factors, namely herd rebuilding after years of drought, excessive rainfall due to the La Nina climate pattern, surging global freight costs, rising labour costs and the weakening Australian dollar which has resulted in increased export demand.  It’s a combination of these challenges that continue to impact our raw material costs.  Taking the greatest effect on popular cuts, the cost of Sirloins and Rib Eyes continue to skyrocket and are quickly becoming too expensive to sustain on most menus.

At Haverick Meats we’re conscious of plate cost and are continuing to provide innovative and alternate solutions for our foodservice partners. Over the past few months, we’ve been focusing our attention on expanding our offering to provide more cost-effective cuts. Enter secondary cuts. Victim to the misconception that they’re the less desirable, secondary cuts have proven to have a more profound flavour, unique texture, and interesting appearance than their popular counterparts. Since adding secondary cuts to our offering, we’ve seen a number of our top chefs getting creative with the likes of our Thin Skirt, Flank, Chuck Tail Flap and Rib Cap, to name a few.

2GR Full Blood Wagyu Thin Skirt MB 9+

The cut butchers keep for themselves, Thin Skirt is a true individual. Derived from the inside of the abdominal wall, it’s known for its robust flavour and fibrous texture. Highly marbled, it speaks for itself when caramelised in the pan.

2GR Wagyu Thin Skirt

2GR Full Blood Wagyu Flank MB 9+

A favourite in South America where it was traditionally braised, it’s also known as “Bavette’ by the French. Derived from the abdomen, it’s a lean cut of beef known for its intense flavour and fibrous texture. Almost rectangular in shape, it’s best cooked over a hot grill and served thinly sliced.


2GR Full Blood Wagyu Chuck Tail Flap MB 9+

The most celebrated cut in the world of Wagyu, it’s also the most heavily marbled. A shoulder cut, it’s well known amongst Korean chefs. Boasting a buttery, beefy flavour, it’s a testament to the eating quality of Wagyu.

2GR Wagyu Chuck Tail Flap

2GR Full Blood Wagyu Rib Cap MB 9+
Arguably the most flavourful, tender, and succulent, it’s the highly marbled layer of meat that surrounds the Scotch Fillet and Rib Eye. Small in portion, it’s the size of a Flank Steak and shape of a Rump Cap. Think an intense buttery, beefy flavour.

2GR Wagyu Rib Cap

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