To Our Partners In The Food Service Industry

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As the global pandemic continues to take its toll on the Australian economy, we are well aware of the significant impact this has had on the hospitality industry and our food service partners.

As we know, the hospitality industry operates differently to most others. With small margins and cash flow concerns, restauranteurs, publicans and hoteliers have been faced with limited to no revenue and mounting debts when forced to adhere to government restrictions. We see the devastating effect this has had on the industry and Haverick Meats will continue to offer our support.

While we’ve been disappointed to see our competitors pivot their businesses to focus on direct to consumer, we have made a commitment to stand by our food service partners during this crisis. While we do have a direct to consumer offering, the core and focus of our business remains with the food service industry. Haverick Meats will continue to support our partners through superior service, premium quality product and competitive prices.

In striving to continue to be Australia’s most well-established, innovative butcheries, we are focused on providing food service solutions to add value to our partners in this time of need. With less hands in the kitchen, our range of ready-to-go, chef prepared products from Cook & Sons is a seamless solution. From pre-cooked meat cuts to sauces and jus, the Cook & Sons team work alongside chefs to customise exclusive products to suit their needs. Prepared specifically for the food service industry, we use the highest quality and fresh ingredients to deliver on taste, reliability, consistency and quality.

Despite the current climate, we will continue to work to together with our food service partners to provide solutions for the best outcomes for their businesses. We promise to navigate through the unknown together to reach a bright future ahead.

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