Our lamb cuts utilise the majority of the animal, including a range of whole and portioned cuts, showcasing a variety of flavours. We offer cuts with cap on for added flavour, as well as leaner, cap-off cuts.

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Forequarter Shank

A cut from the front leg, which is smaller than its hind counterpart, with a sweet, dense flavour.

Hindquarter Shank

Larger than the Forequarter Shank, it’s also sweeter in flavour and more gelatinous.

Boneless Leg

Prepared with the shank removed, can be rolled and netted for a roast, or diced.

Easy-Carve Leg

A whole, easy to carve cut of leg, tied up for easy slow roasting.


Known as one of the most flavoursome and versatile cuts of lamb. The hind leg consists of Topside, Silverside and Knuckle. It has a succulent, soft texture which easily pulls from the bone when slow roasted.


These sweet cuts are most commonly bought in fillets, off the bone.

Shoulder Oyster

Renowned for its sweet, delicious flavour, it is best slow roasted allowing the meat to naturally separate from the bone.

Shoulder Boneless

Deboned and rolled into a round shape allowing for easy roasting.

Shoulder Rack

From under the shoulder, this cut can be full of flavour if cooked correctly. Slow cooking will tenderise the cut and release the sweet, rich flavour.

Shoulder Square Cut

A hard-working part of the lamb covering the leg, blade and rib bones, the Shoulder is known for its sweet, delicate flavour.


Running the length of the ribcage, the Ribs are tender and incredibly rich in flavour. Left whole as Spare Ribs or cut into individual Riblets.

Rump: Cap Off

This solid piece is derived from the hindquarter (the chump), although most commonly found with fat coverage intact (cap on), it can also be found with fat removed.

Rump: Cap On

The top of the hindquarter (the chump), this cut is most commonly found with its fat coverage intact to retain all juices in the cooking process.


The Rack comes in a set of nine ribs, typically supplied frenched. The meat is succulent and rich, and the presentation is beautiful.

Short Loin

Derived from the middle loin, also known as Backstrap, it’s trimmed of all excess fat and cut into steak portions.


Also called Eye of Short Loin, this comes from the middle loin and is trimmed of all excess fat and cut into steak portions.


This cut sits just below the backbone, and it very small and delicate. Tenderloin is known as the most tender of all cuts of lamb.

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