Commercial Equipment

In further assisting our Food Service clients value add to their organisations, Haverick Meats has evolved to seeking better solutions for the ever-progressive culinary industry, and pleased to secure some of the world's greatest kitchen equipment via exclusive distribution arrangements.


Commercial Equipment Division

Haverick Meats introduced the commercial equipment division to improve the level of service to our clients through innovating culinary technology. We work hand-in-hand together by providing in-house chefs to train our client partners and their team members in using the new technology. When you are thinking about re-designing or constructing a new kitchen be sure to give our equipment division a call. 



Cooking steaks to perfection, the Montague steakhouse gas-fired broiler is highly renowned throughout leading steakhouses in the USA as the ultimate steak cooker, with its ability to cook to perfection, large volumes of steaks in a very short period of time. Effortlessly simple to use, it allows culinary operators a greater capacity during peak service periods.

Heavy duty and specifically designed to cook steak using extreme heat, the Montague Steakhouse Gas-Fired Broiler offers incredible cooking consistencies and improved time efficiencies. It's ability to cook with rapid and intense heat, seals the meat, ensuring very little moisture loss, giving you the tools to effortlessly cook the perfect steak every time. 


Commercial Equipment Enquiries

Commercial equipment enquiries and purchases can be made via:

Phone: + 61 2 9316 8900
Fax: + 61 2 9316 6034