Haverick Meats

The culmination of tradition and passion passed down through the generations has made Haverick Meats what it is today - a leading supplier of quality Australian meat to the professional Food Service Industry.

Early Beginnings

Early Beginnings

In 1985, John Andrews Senior started a family-owned butchery with a deep commitment to developing the meat industry and food service community. This has guided the growth and development of Haverick Meats and now almost 30 years later, joined by sons Peter and John Jnr, Haverick Meats sets the benchmark in the hospitality industry as a leading supplier to the best Food Service partners in the business.

A New Generation

Peter Andrews

Having served as an apprentice to the mastery of his father, Peter is now the driving force behind Haverick’s growth together with the dedication to continually improve its service offering. Dramatically advancing processing proficiencies and developing key business capabilities and relationships, he inherited his father’s sense of innovation. 

Under Peter’s guidance, Haverick Meats was the first such company in Australia to import and sell commercial equipment to restaurants. Peter’s motivation is to continually add value to his customers business through initiatives such as this, where Haverick Meats goes above and beyond.

By defining new performance standards and sourcing the best Australian produce, Peter has helped Haverick Meats remain the leading meat supplier in the industry as well as a valued partner to all clients. 



Innovation has always been an integral part to Haverick Meats, and 2007 saw the construction of one of Australia’s most advanced master butchery and export approved meatpacking facilities. The multi-million dollar improvement includes the most advance meat-cutting technology to provide consistency every time and ensure inventory is on hand to supply restaurants and food service partners daily, both locally and internationally. Haverick Meats exists as one of the few Australian butcheries registered to export globally.

Haverick Meats have also introduced the commercial equipment division to improve the level of service to partners through innovating culinary technology. Haverick Meats was the first to introduce world class specialty equipment into Australia with a philosophy embedded to supply and deliver the best quality meat and the best tools to help cook it. Haverick Meats work hand-in-hand together by providing in-house chefs to train customers in using the new technology. 

The Pioneer

John Andrews Snr

An elder statesman of the Australian meat industry, John's 40 years experience in supplying Australia's best food service businesses, has guided Haverick Meats to remain at the pinnacle in the industry. Pioneering and pragmatic, John Snr has helped drive innovation in Australia’s meat and foodservice industries by actively encouraging professionalism and reform, essentially to raise the level of skill, continually exceeding the benchmark in quality. In the 1970s, he was among the first to introduce and commercially standardise portion-cutting technology.

Initially as one of the first processors to offer industry seminars to educate professionals, has earned John a distinguished reputation among his peers. His work and dedication has help bridge the gap between the meat and hospitality industries, further exposing Australia's best producers to food service businesses and consumers. John's vision is to continuously expand the skill set of butchers and chefs into the next generation.

cool room doors open to the public

cool room doors open to the public

Established in 2011 Haverick Meats opened its cool room doors to the public. Giving discerning customers access to master butchers and restaurant quality meat used by some of Sydney’s top chefs at wholesale prices.  Following on from the popularity of the Haverick Meats Saturday Store and the insatiable appetite for cooking knowledge and techniques, the Haverick Academy was established.

The inspiration behind the Haverick Academy is a combined passion for meat and meat that is prepared and cooked correctly. In collaboration with our restaurant partners, the Academy offers master classes and tastings with a selection of leading Australian chefs so that our customers can learn to cook restaurant quality meals at home. 

The Next Generation

John Andrews Jr

John Jnr brings extensive marketing expertise and technical knowledge of the Australian meat industry that has been instrumental to help build on the company's vision to maintain client synergies and support long-term supply. John was instrumental in implementing Haverick Meats as a fully export registered establishment, allowing the ability to supply almost any meat product under export processing conditions, to many places around the world.

With a ‘think global, act local’ philosophy, John is passionate about sharing the exceptional quality of Australian meat with the world. The export arm has seen Haverick Meats reach tables throughout South East Asia and the Middle East.

Looking Forward

looking forward

Haverick Meats continues to invest into the latest technology to remain at the forefront in research and development. Led by a team of experts, Haverick Meats embodies excellence; and almost 30 years later continues to supply the best meat to Australian and international food service businesses.